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Gifts for your Wedding Party

Picking your wedding party is a big deal. Finding the right people to stand next to you while you marry the person of your dreams can be a stressful task.

Active Traveler - Long Point Lighthouse

When looking at a map, Provincetown is the ‘fist’ at the end of the ‘arm’ of Cape Cod.  There is a single ‘finger’ of land pointing south.  At first glance there might not be too much to see out at the tip of this finger, but look again.  This area, known as Long Point, might be one of the most historic spots on the entire Cape.

Celebrating the Holidays on Cape Cod

For many people, Cape Cod is synonymous with summer. Beaches, sand dunes and sunshine are the reason many people pack up their cars and head to the Cape for what is known as the high season.

Active Traveler: Where the Pilgrims Walked

Their name conjures up visions of the dawning of the United States, the beginning of the Thirteen Colonies. They are the Pilgrims and they have left their footprints in many places on Cape Cod. Before landing and settling in Plymouth, the Pilgrims first docked the Mayflower in Provincetown and ventured south to Truro and Eastham. 

Active Traveler: The Gravest Hike

Fall is in full swing. The leaves are changing colors giving way to incredible foliage which makes any drive or walk a slice of paradise. However, fall also has another side, a darker side.

Fall for the Arts Features Jazz Fest in Falmouth

With fall’s cooler weather and beach season behind us, many think of this season as a good time to sample some of Cape Cod’s arts and cultural offerings.

The entire region participates annually in the Fall for the Arts event that highlights the best of the region’s diverse arts community.

Silver Beach Harbor, North Falmouth

Active Traveler: Route 28A - The Lost Highway

Visitors and locals alike are very familiar with the three main roads which bring you from end to end on Cape Cod.  There is the Mid-Cape Highway, Route 28, and Route 6A which cover nearly the entire length of the Cape.  For those harder to reach areas there are smaller ‘routes’ criss-crossing Cape Cod.  Then there is the West Falmouth Highway, also known as Route 28A. 

Cape Air

Cape Air Celebrates 25 Years

When Cape Air employees gather this month for a beach party in Provincetown to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, company founder and CEO Dan Wolf will be thinking back to the company’s humble beginnings and the role Cape Cod has played in the company’s fortunes.