Cape Cod Maritime Days

Spring Fever=Spring Fests!

Spring at last! On Cape Cod, it's a season of landscapes in bloom, the sight of “Open” signs turning up again in the windows of seasonal shops and restaurants, and a line-up of fun festivals to get you out into the sunshine. In honor of the season of new beginnings, here is a round-up of five favorite local springtime celebrations—and the fresh outlooks they just might inspire.

Kitesurfing on Cape Cod

Active Traveler: Top Kitesurfing Spots

Kiting has always been a fun pastime at Cape Cod beaches. Now, many of these colorful kites are attached to surfboards, gliding across the surf.

The very popular extreme sport of kitesurfing has arrived and become a popular scene at Cape Cod beaches.

Cape Cod Musuem of Natural History

April Breaks for Every Type of Student

April vacation can’t come fast enough for kids who have been cooped up all winter, but for the parents who need to keep them busy for a week at home, take heart—there’s still time to plan. Whether you just want to get away for a day, a long weekend, or the entire week, here are some favorite ideas for every type of student.

Animal Fanatics

Woods Hole Aqaurium, Dan Cutrona

Active Traveler: The Great Indoors

Spring is on its way.  But we Cape Codders know that spring has a tendency to run a little late in arriving here. The snow piled up outside is slowly melting, though trips to the playground, beaches and bike trails might have to wait just a bit longer.

That being said, there are plenty of amazing things to see and do while enjoying the warmth and comfort of being indoors!

Old Yarmouth Inn

7 Reasons to Leave the House and Escape to the Cape

Ah, winter nights. A bowl of popcorn, the crackling fireplace, snow falling past the windows, and you curled up on the couch with the remote. Enough of this. It’s almost spring, and we need some practice turning off the TV and leaving the house again!

For a long-weekend escape to the Cape, here are seven nights out better than your favorite program:

Mahi Gold, Paul Scharff

Treasure Hunting

For either the selective treasure hunter or the equal-opportunistic shopaholic, Cape Cod is a wonderland of enticing home-grown and hand-crafted finds just waiting to be discovered. Here are just some of the unique ways to take home “a piece of Cape Cod” when you leave!

Dennis Highlands, Paul Scharff

Courting Fun

A romantic evening with your significant other can come in many fun, creative ways when visiting Cape Cod. Planning your date might involve a sunset dinner, an outdoor band concert, a round of golf, a bike ride, a boat rental, a brewery tour or a secluded hike through the woods. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Here are a few ideas that are sure to inspire you!

Wequassett Resort, Warren Jagger

Reconnect by the Sea

Everyone knows Cape Cod is the perfect place to vacation, and for some, that means bringing the entire extended family!  With its abundance of attractions—natural, cultural, historical and more—the Cape appeals to all generations and has become a popular destination for family reunions, with many making an annual tradition of reconnecting with loved ones on this sandy peninsula.

Chatham Bars Inn, Luke Simpson

Farm Fresh Dining

Eating local and farm-to-table trends are growing across Cape Cod, with delightful results for diners. Fish and shellfish from local waters have long been popular menu items, but as more small farms emerge in all 15 towns, savvy chefs are reaching out to farmers as well as fishermen to bring the freshest ingredients to your table.