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Get Your Tickets Down Front For Theater!

There is rumor that not much is happening on Cape Cod in the winter. Don’t believe it! There are a wide range of activities, particularly cultural ones, that go on during the low season—a treat for the region’s approximately 215,000 year-rounders.

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Creep the Party - The 2nd NotCape Wedding

If you were not able to attend the 2nd Cape Cod NotWedding (now called The Big Fake Wedding) this fall at the Sea Crest Beach Hotel, then you missed out!  Amazing Cape Cod vendors showcased their work on a beautiful day in November to over 100 attendees and all while having fun at the same time.

Cape Cod Frozen Fat Ass Race

Active Traveler: Frozen Fat Ass Race

It is now 2015.  It is January.  It is the dead of winter.  There can only be one thing on the mind of most Cape Codders.  That one thing has to be running a race outside on the beach at Sandy Neck.  

Active Traveler: Chatham's Shore Road

In a place like Cape Cod where beautiful scenery is the norm, there are some areas which take it to the next level.  There are some places that absolutely need to be seen, whether one is a visitor or a life-long resident.  One such route is the marvelous Shore Road in the quaint fishing village of Chatham. 

First Night Sandwich

New Year’s Eve: A Festive Night on Cape Cod

New Year’s Eve on Cape Cod is far from another sleepy winter night. There are two large First Night events—in Chatham and Sandwich—and numerous restaurants from one end of the Cape to the other offering special meals, Champagne toasts and entertainment.

First Night Chatham

First Night Chatham is the granddaddy of Cape Cod New Year’s events.

Heritage Museums and Gardens

’Tis The Season of Lights On Cape Cod

This may be the dark season, the time of the shortest days. But this is also the time of year that the Cape is lit up like no other time.

Active Traveler: Cape Cod Canal, Part 2

So close you can almost touch it.  At 480 feet at its widest, the Cape Cod Canal divides the Cape from the mainland, yet everything seems so tantalizingly close.  So what lies just across the man-made wonder?  A quick jump over the Sagamore or Bourne Bridges leads you to some spectacular sites to be taken in.

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Music Selections for your Wedding

Let’s be honest.  Everyone knows that the wedding night is all about being on the dance floor and having a blast with your friends and family.  And one of the hard parts of planning for this portion of the evening is giving your band or DJ the song choices you want to hear that night.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind and help you through the process of selecting your songs.

Calling all college students!

Cape Cod is an amazing location to spend your summer earning credits towards your degree and why not spend it working with some of the best in the wedding industry?!

Active Traveler: Cape Cod Canal

It is a man-made wonder.  The Cape Cod Canal is more than 17 miles in length, and just this past summer turned one hundred years old.  At 480-feet across, it is the widest sea-level canal in the world.  There are three bridges which traverse the canal and a bike trail that runs parallel to the canal for seven to eight miles.  This paved trail serves as a service road for government vehicles as