Executive Chef Robbin Haas Changes it Up at The Pointe

Robbin Haas is a skilled and creative master chef with credits to his name from Long Island to Antigua. In fact, his acclaim reaches out to the tip of Cape Cod where he serves as Executive Chef for The Pointe, the restaurant at the Crowne Pointe Inn, 82 Bradford Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts, where he recently launched a new menu and new name for the 2012 season.

The Pointe, formerly the Bistro at Crowne Point, is popular among locals and visitors to Provincetown. The new name comes from that familiarity. Haas and the owners recognize that diners already refer to the restaurant as “the Pointe” and have embraced the name. Dropping the reference to a bistro gives the establishment greater flexibility and doesn’t limit the perception of potential diners.

When planning a menu for a destination like Cape Cod’s famous point of Provincetown, Haas strategy is to set a direction that will make the restaurant successful within the area. Cape Cod’s geography makes it a haven for seafood restaurants, but Haas doesn’t plan dishes that compete with that. Instead, his new menu futures a seasonal fare shaped by locally sourced ingredients. “Family farms and coops are big. They deliver fresh to the restaurant cutting out the middle man and keeping more people in business,” Haas explains. “The restaurant becomes more a part of the community and the diners win with better product.”

The key, according to Haas, is to build recipes and plates that not only use locally sourced ingredients but also work with the size of the kitchen and the staff. Citing today’s trends and customer expectations, Haas believes in constantly fine tuning the menu. “I don’t strive to change the personality here, but to keep it current and relevant.”

In keeping with his vision of featuring local foods, Haas’ menu creations include Herbed Chatham Hake, Duxbury Bay Mussels, New England Farm Crispy Pork Cutlet, Roasted Local Asparagus and Farm Duck Eggs, and Steamed Lobsters fresh from Provincetown waters. But so far, the biggest seller on the menu is the Grass Fed Prime Sirloin Steak sourced from New England Family Farms.

Some classics remain like New England Clam Chowder, a wedge salad, and roasted chicken which is Haas personal favorite comfort food. Another menu twist is the “”Snacks to Share section featuring Agave Glazed Bacon and Organic Deviled Eggs, Smoked Salmon with creamed spinach, caviar and chives, and local Artisian Cheeses with pate and salami. Blends of classic and current trends, with a focus on fresh and local flavors are the ingredients for a comfortably sophisticated culinary experience at The Pointe.

About Robbin Haas
Haas is a celebrated chef in his own right, having managed other resort area restaurants including opening two restaurants of his own in Antiqua, Guatemala; Bistro Cinq (www.bistrotcinq.com), a French restaurant serving Caribbean delicacies and Nokiate (www.nokiate.com), a contemporary sushi, sake and seviche restaurant. Besides the Pointe, Haas also consults on restaurant and hotel projects including La Marea, part of The Tides Hotel in South Beach, Florida; Phillips Seafood in Baltimore, Maryland; and the Montauk Yacht Club, Long Island New York. Haas’ culinary expertise spans a wide range of International cuisines originating from Southeast Asia, Russia and the Americas.